Short-Term Goals

Having received approval from Pace Suburban Bus, we are seeking approval from other transit services. 

We plan to complete an initial review and assessment of the effectiveness of the project by January 28, 2019. 

We are seeking more diversity to continue the project goal of collecting 1000 voices from around the city and compose 200 sound collages. 

Voices of the City hopes to reintroduce the survey question that was initially removed due to time constraints: Does racism go both ways? This aspect of the project facilitates greater social awareness and presents varied perspectives that help to analyze, recognize, and dismantle social injustice. 


Long-Term Goals

Voices of the City believes that promoting inclusiveness through public transit hubs in Chicagoland is only the beginning. This project can serve as a model to other cities and regions across the nation.

Moreover, the use of ubiquitous sound systems to promote integration and reduce segregation can expand beyond the public transit realm. 

The current installation of Voices of the City focuses on destination points, but future versions may address numerous other pertinent topics--such as gun violence, to cite one example--through this same format. 

Another long-term goal is to incorporate more in-depth citizen responses for a longer installation project to be displayed in a gallery/museum setting. This multimedia mode of the project would encourage a deeper understanding of the responses and facilitate more reflection on the issues.  

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